Vehicle Surveillance Camera

Vehicle Surveillance Camera

Do you agree that safety and security on the Public Transport remain questionable even after unfortunate incidents coming to the limelight? Is there a way to stop all the misconducts and mishappenings by capturing real-time information and acting on them instantly? The foremost thing that comes to mind is CCTV camera. CCTV cameras are not a recent development; they were first used in World War II. The motive was totally different, but now the circumstances have changed, and they are widely used for safety and security purposes in various fields, throughout the world. The CCTV camera captures and saves images (as well as audio, according to the systems chosen) of the passengers and the drivers. It helps to:

  • Reduces the fear of crime
  • Reassures safety to the passengers
  • Helps in crime prevention
  • Prevents unlawful behavior and inappropriate conduct

School Bus Surveillance Benefits

Children Protection – Kids will be kids, and it’s inevitable that children will sometimes override the bus safety rules.. Security cameras can offer bus drivers a second pair of eyes and help keep children at bay while navigating the school bus route to or from school.

Bus Protection–CCTV cameras pointed outside buses or installed outside of the buses can identify motorists who bypass the laws and illegally pass buses. Surveillance cameras can also help identify erratic drivers and dangerous driver behavior.

Live monitoring – School buses often rely on older technology that recorder onboard cameras and some buses continue to use older recorders with tapes. Any incident that occurred during the bus routes and would have to be reviewed at the end of the day by removing the tape. Though helpful, immediate review of the tapes is difficult in the event of an emergency. Newer digital video systems and wireless networking provide buses the ability to not only view the bus live remotely but, respond to an event instantly. Buses equipped using 3G/4G networks (cell phone data) or wireless “mesh” networks, can transmit video footage immediately to the head office and even offer alarm notifications via email or push notification to supervisors.

Camera Recording – Bus surveillance does not have to be costly. Many of the newer IP cameras offer built in storage recording and there is no need for a digital video recorder (DVR). The IP cameras record in HD and provide high detailed video that is recorded directly on an SD card in the camera. Incidents recorded by the camera can seen by removing the SD card and playing it back on your PC or by simply having the cameras connected to Wi-Fi network locally on the bus that allows you to view the footage from a wireless laptop. Since most incidents happen the same day there no need for long term storage and added costs.

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