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Nowadays most school administrations as well as government authorities are not aware of ensuring safety of children. Most of the recent guidelines emphasis that tracking of school buses must be mandatory and every school bus should be equiped with AIS 140 certified tracking devices. UNIDAD India provides the best student tracking system which makes an intelligent transportation system in place. AIS 140 is a standard which is made by Automobile Research Association of India, (ARAI) which specifies about the GPS devices and panic button which are needed in vehicle tracking systems. There exists many student tracking software systems in India, but ours is the one which ensures live vehicle tracking, route play back, alerts, and dashboard and also provides reports on activities. School bus tracking system in Kerala is still on the way, UNIDAD’s student tracking software which can be equipped in school buses ensures the safety of children by allowing parents and school administrators to live track students by means of an app, USchool.


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School bus tracking system – for schools

  • Ensure safety of children by live tracking them.
  • Since school buses are school’s private property, they can live track them.
  • Live location data can be shared with government and police so that they can take necessary actions whenever required.
  • Provide reports on speed alert as well as stop alerts.
  • Trip schedule, route play back and fuel monitoring can be done.

School bus tracking system – for parents

  • Parents gets alerts on school bus arrivals, when child reaches school, leaves from school etc.
  • Parents also receive students attendence alerts on their mobile phones.
  • Panic buttons installed in the school buses as art of school student tracking software will alert authorities and ensures effective disaster management.

Being the best school bus tracking systems in India, UNIDAD provides each and every features that are mentioned above. Recently ARAI has laid down mandatory usage of AIS 140 assured panic buttons in all public vehicles as well as in all means of school buses and any failure to meet this requirement will leads to suspension of trasport permit. UNIDAD is one among the top companies which provides a real-time school bus tracking system which is coped with AIS 140 approved GPS devices, within budget rates. Major features that made us best student tracking system in India includes bird’s eye view of every school buses on your mobile, parent app which allows parents full access on students activities, attendance reports etc.

Capabilities of UNIDAD

India’s 1st ARAI and CDAC certified AIS140 VTU based on HTTP platform

Well experience in implementation of VTS projects in critical surveillance level in Government enforcement vehicle.

Well networked Sales & Service offices in major parts of India and expanding to pan India.

Experienced and innovative R&D division.

Design, Technology Support and Customization.

Mass volume production facilities for AIS140 devices and accessories.

Our Certificates

IRNSS ARAI Certificate on 11.07.2019 (ARAI/AED/20192020/3000007272/TA/558)
We got AIS 140 Certificate from ARAI on 15th May 2018 (ARAI/AED/CT/SO-1819-3000001159/158)
IRNSS CDAC Certificate of Compliance on 24 October 2019 (CDAC- CR043)
ISO 9001-2015 certificate on 9th March 2018
CDAC test certificate on 10th August 2018 (CDAC-CR001) from CDAC for the KMVD empanelment.
India’s 1st Http based AIS 140 Manufacturer certified by ARAI
We got Sabarimala Safe Zone Appreciation letter on 1st January 2018
Unidad has a well-established network of dealerships all across Kerala.
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