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Tracking Applications

The main tracking application of Unidad id U-Tracks which is equipped with features not found in any other GPS tracking system. Real time tracking, alerts, monitoring and control from web and mobile devices. U-Tracks is designed using the industry's best known algorithms to have maximum security of your data. It is cloud enabled, highly scalable and customizable.

Cloud Solutions

Unidad provides a comprehensive portfolio of cloud products for your business, IT infrastructure, and development needs. The dedicated R&D team in cloud has the expertise to develop and deliver various applications in all service models of cloud. The cloud portfolio includes cloud app development, cloud infrastructure setup, cloud consulting, cloud migration etc.

IoT Middleware & Applications

IoT is the next technology revolution to happen and Unidad has stepped in to it by starting the research in IoT hardware, middleware and applications. Unidad IoT middleware is a D2S (device to system) which uses some of the latest technologies like Big data analytics, real-time data processing, messaging systems.

Mobile Apps

All software developed in Unidad has a mobile interface and our mobile app team has the expertise to design and develop mobile app for all platforms and devices.